About Dr. Young Medical Spa

Dr. Young Medical Spa was founded on Passion. Our passion drives everything we do. We create natural beauty that is unique to each individual. Our passion is to allow ones powerful radiance and inner beauty to glow and allow them to be relived for a little longer and perhaps the dream to last a lifetime and beyond. 
Our distinctive signature style is a combination of Fine Art, cutting edge Medical Technology, and Anti-Aging Programs creating wonderful natural beauty that blend health, energy, youth, individuality and affordability. Our passion, medical background and emotion will help you create and craft the new you. 
Dr. Young Medical Spa is one of greater Los Angeles emerging signature medical 
spas and caters for discerning clients that seek and celebrate excellence. Our professionalism ensures you can be confident that you are dealing with one of the best in the industry, each procedure is individualized and performed by Dr. Young. 
Our passion is evident through our captivating client images, client experience and most importantly, through the lasting relationship we hold with each of our clients. 


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Serving Los Angeles County from Long Beach: Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, South Bay, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Palos Verde, Los Angeles.

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